Publications and Presentations  

Richards, K., Austin, K. & Gomez, K. (in process) iRemix Education: Engaging artists as teachers in a professional learning community, (submitted as a Book Chapter) In Barron, B., Pinkard, N. & Gomez, K. (Eds.) (under review) Excelling in the New Millennium: Making Spaces for Urban Youth to Create with New Media. Teachers College Press: New York.
Richards, K., Manning, F., Goldman, S.A., & Lawless, K.A. (2011).Assessments to Support Multiple Text Reading Comprehension Instruction, poster accepted for American Educational Research Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Zywica, J, Richards, K & Gomez, K (2011). Examining the Design and Affordances of a Scaffolded -Social Networking Site. On the Horizon: Special Edition. []
Download  Zywica_Richards_Gomez_final_on_the_horizon
Richards, K & Gomez, K (2010). Participants’ views of affordances within an online social networking site. International Journal of Learning and Media. [
Download Richards and Gomez (2010) Participant Understandings of Affordances”
Barron, B., Levinson, A., Martin, C.K., Stringer, D., Rogers, M., Austin, N., Pinkard, N., Richards, K., Gomez, K. (2010) Supporting Young New Media Producers Across Learning Spaces: A Longitudinal Study of the Digital Youth Network, In. Gomez, K., Lyons, L., & Radinsky, J. (Eds.) Learning in the Disciplines: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2010) -Volume 2, Short Papers, Symposia, and Selected Abstracts. International Society of the Learning Sciences: Chicago IL.
Richards, K. & Gomez, K. (2010). Impasses to innovation in the development and design of new media curriculum. In Gomez, K., Lyons, L., & Radinsky, J. (Eds.) Learning in the Disciplines: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2010) -Volume 2, Short Papers, Symposia, and Selected Abstracts. International Society of the Learning Sciences:
Chicago IL.
Zwyica, J. & Richards, K., & Gomez, K. (2009) Examining a Curriculum-based Social Networking Site as a Transformative Communication Tool, paper presented at the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly of Researchers (NCTEAR).
Richards, K. & Gomez, K. (2008) Toward an understanding of affordance networks by identifying the intentions and goals of an online social network, paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Orlando, FL.
Gray, T., Pinkard, K., Gomez, K. & Richards, K. (2008). Paper presented at the American Educational Research Conference, New York, NY.


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